Imagery is my life and life is something beautiful

Love to all, Tay

Shark Bay

Shark Bay I painted this from memory of a trip to Noosa National Park when I was much younger. I clearly remember the vivid colours and how warm it was on the sand.

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Bluey To see the patience he shows sitting on a branch just waiting for something to pop up. What great eyesight they have. It’s strange to me that his “laugh” is a show of territorial aggression. Keep away, keep away he is saying. Beautiful colours. Only available as “Prints” 500mm x 760mm @ $75 each $75.00 via PayPal Shipping Terms &...

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New & Old

New & Old We were out for a walk with the dogs when I spotted this dead tree up above the new greenery of a tree in front and thought it would make an interesting contrast. $24.00 via PayPal Shipping Terms &...

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Sunset on the Maroochy River

Sunset on the Maroochydore River. We had a walk after dinner, when we crossed the bridge onto Chambers Island. (it’s in the middle of the river) Looking back to the west you can just see the Motorway Bridge in the distance. Even though it’s a colour photograph, as its quite late and cloudy it’s almost a black & white shot. $24.00 via PayPal Shipping Terms &...

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The Butterfly

Look closely and you’ll see the most beautiful butterfly. In amongst the greens & browns just a small splash of pink. I almost missed it. I wonder how the butterfly feels in amongst the towering trees? $24.00 via PayPal Shipping Terms &...

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