About Tay

All original Artwork, Photography & Craft designed by Tayla Kosbab

Not all of the items on this site are for sale; some have sentimental value and are kept in my studio. The items for sale are clearly marked.

I am a quadriplegic with some ability to move my right arm/hand. I communicate by way of a “spell board” and facial expressions.

To produce Artwork I choose all the subject matter, including the colour schemes, methods and choice of materials to be used. Various mediums are utilised depending on the subject matter.

My photography is done using a wheelchair mounted camera with remote zoom and shutter control. My Carer positions the wheelchair as directed for me to get the shot I want.

Almost all my Craftwork utilises recycled materials and is found mainly in Tipshops, Opshops and Secondhand shops then assembled, unassembled, altered, painted or whatever to produce the finished item.